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How To Use


1. Hold sectioned hair between 2 fingers.

2. Place hair extension loop on top of natural hair, approximately 1 cm away from scalp. Metal ring is bewst hidden by placing it under the first layer of hair.

3. Use the hook on the end of the metal tail, comb and pull the natural hair through the loop.


4. Hold the hair extension metal ring with one hand, and remove the loop from the hair extension piece by pulling the loop knot downwards in one smooth motion with the other hand.

5. Pull downwards in one smooth motion.

6. The natural hair should now be inside the metal ring of the hair extension.


7. Hold the metal ring. Pinch the ring with the extension pincher to secure the hair extension, pinch the ring a few times. Double rings are suggested to use for tightly clip on.

8. Repeat step 1 to 7 until required number of hair extensions are in place.


How to take care of your hair extensions

* Be gentle when drying hair with towels.

* During washing and combing of extensions it is recommended to use a large detanging comb. Starting from the ends of the hair and move upwards towards the scalp.

* Keeping hair in a ponytail while sleeping will help to avoid tangles.